About Us

Know About Us

Get to know more about our digital treasury platform
which is licensed in many countries

Brdgx Group has registered trademarks in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.

  • Licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore in Singapore as Major Payment Institution in Singapore
  • Licensed by Customs & Excise Department in Hong Kong as Money Service Operator in Hong Kong
  • Licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia as Money Service Business provider in Malaysia

What We Achieve

Brdgx is currently licensed as Major Payment Institution in Singapore (cross-border and domestic payment), Money Service Operator in Hong Kong and Money Service Business provider in Malaysia. In addition, we have:

Banking Partnerships

Established transactional banking partnerships
with banking support in China, Hong Kong,
Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam.

Transaction Volume

Since 2019 and despite pandemic situation in 2020 and 2021, Brdgx annual transaction volume has increased to over USD150 million in 2021 through our payment service offers for SME client base.

Business Team

Group setup with entities in Singapore, Hong Kong, pending incorporation in China, Indonesia, and Philippines.

Government Support

Brdgx is currently a member of Hong Kong’s Cyberport Incubation Programme. We also received government R&D grant support by Singapore and Hong Kong.

Successful Transaction

Transacted with over 1,000 payment originators

Associate Member

Brdgepay is a member of Singapore Fintech Association and Hong Kong’s MSO Association